The City of Kansas City sponsored two residential camps in Swope Park during the sixties, seventies and eighties. Camp Lake of the Woods was a general residential camp, featuring such things as swimming, horseback riding and archery. Lake consisted of Franklin and Kaw Landings, for older boys and girls, respectively, and Westport and Blue Mills for the younger campers.

Camp Hope was an environmental science camp at which campers added training in the scientific method to traditional camp fare. Osage Landing "tented" the boys. The girls were in Chouteau Landing.

This site has two purposes. First, the site is an embryonic focal point for the collection of photographs and memories for former campers and staff members. Second, this site is designed to facilitate communication among former staffers. To that end, alumni are invited to check out "The Mag Phone".

The Dining Hall - songs

The Hogan - staff lists, photographs

The Mag Phone - intra-staff communication

The Office - map, applications and where former staff members are now

History - a very much work-in-progress of the history of residential camping in Swope Park