The Dining Hall

The "Hoppers" set up and cleared the tables. A staff member sat at every table with the campers. Guests sat at the staff table.

After meals it was time to sing. The camps borrowed song from a number of sources. Some of the most frequently heard songs were the individual Camp and Landing Songs. Behind the dining hall, campers and staff joined in folk dances. All songs appear in the Song Index. Songs other than Camp songs, Landing songs and folk dances appear below.

As time, inclination and memory permit, I am karaoke-izing those songs I believe to be in the public domain.  When I have done this, the song title is a link to a MIDI file.  Depending upon your web browser settings, clicking on this link will either cause the song to play or cause a dialog box to appear offering to download the song.

For Windows users, I highly recommend the free MIDI karaoke player from Van Basco.  If you download the song and play it in Van Basco's MIDI karaoke player, you can follow the words with the music.

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