Lake Candids (through 1963)

1950's reunion

50's staff reunion/Home, Carol Manford, Betty Wilson Dodd, Marilyn Barth, Betty Prouss Ruples, Roberta Crisson, ????, Bill Whedon

50's staff reunion--Roberta Crisson, Bell Whedon, Ron Pine, Glenda Iron, Nelson and Velda Wieter, Bill Martes, Betty Preuss Ripley (in back) (1976)

50's staff reunion/Bill Payne, Bev Breuer Miller, Jim Coe, Lynn White ---, Tom W--, Betty Wilson Dodd, Homer Rodriguez (1976)

50's staff reunion/Robert Crisson, Ed Barth, Mank--, Bill Whedon, Tom Warner, Ron Pine, Velda Wieter (1976)

50's staff reunion/Bill Whedon, Nelson and Velda and Robin Wieters, Ron Pine



Folk singers/Staff reunion (1965)


Nature Lodge early 1950's/front view

Construction of 1st Adirondack, Westport Landing (early 1950's)


Dick and Ron Pine indoor group in winter, 1953/Camper reunion?


Foil stew preparation (Training Institute 1955) Harriet Lattimore, Bonny Cello Ivy

Rolling Klondike bedrolls (Training Institute 1955) N.E. Wieters, Carolyn Chandler, Nedra Johnson

Four-square (Camp Lake of the Woods, June 1955) Marilyn Chandler

CP 1955/Cookout at Blue Mills (foil stew)/Keith, Bruner, Bryant, Flaherty, Pine, Bythewood, Sisk, Gabriel

Ron Pine/Rest period in new Franklin shower (July 1955)

Staff marshmallow roast around closing council fire embers/Pine, Gabriel, Flaherty, A. South, Waits, Rodriguez, Wilson, Smith, Ison, B. South, Cello, Nesbit (CP August 1955)

Junior City Overnite/Municipal Camps/SFrohock, RPine, CTroutwine, Ed Barth, Bob Buchanan (June 1955)

Four square training institute '55/J. Gabriel, R. Evans, G. Keith, John Hamm, J. Flaherty, B. Greene, M. Chandler, F. Schultz

CP '55/group picture

CP '55 horseback riding/Trudy Rupert, R. Pine, Rusell Bythewood, Jack Gabriel, Glory Lady

CP flag lowering/S. Matteson, Karen Lynn White, Carolyn Burt, Alice South, _______ (Aug 55)

Final staff banquet (August 21, 1955)

Horse show (June 1955) Junior City; Linda Harper, M. Chandler

Softball--Opto 1955--Camp Lake of the Woods; R. Evans, J. Exposito, J. Kirtland, L. Shrock, R. Maguglin, --, D. White, --, S. Briggs, R. Pine, L. Pasley, R. Koehn

Showing fox to "Wheelchair Wanderers" (CP 1955) R. Pine, Nelson Bryant, Don Waits

Calosomas drinking (July 1955) Dale Kunz, Eddie Benson, Bobby Gaunt, Delbert Pittman

Diabetic Snack Line (Aug 1955)/Ellen Barry, Bill Adler and Janice Anwyl

Leaf Printing (Aug 1955) Live Wires - Cardiac (M. Osterstrom, J. Johns)

Dishing up dessert at Final Staff Banquet (Aug 21, 1955) Carolyn Chandler, Thelma Evans, Mrs. Alice Miller

Shower for Nelson, Velta "and the potential tot (Robin)" Vieters (Aug 1955)


Westport Cabin after fire

Flag lowering (Diabetic 1956)--shows Hope dining hall before winterizing

Diabetic square dance (1956) Lynn White, Jody Jones, Billy Adler

Diabetic urinalysis (1956)


Camp Store/Homer Rodriguez, Ann Whedon (1960)

Merle Mosby in stockroom (1960)

Staff at night/M O'Hern, C. Rose, B. Montgomery, T. McNally, R. Ravenscroft (1960)

Cathy Rose in Walk-in (1960)

Hope Football Cheerleaders/Judy Jones, Susie Steurke, Rhonda Ravenscroft, KathySullivan, Char Blackburn, Lynn, Coe, Jan Moser (1960)

Building Cage (1960), George Andrew and Mary Edgington

Camper Senate -- Lynn Coe, Peggy Fulton, president (and Rosalind Smith) 2nd City at Large (1960)

Practicing for Closing Fire in quarry, 2nd City at Large (1960); Harry Crisson Jim Coe, Lynn Coe, Char Blackburn, Homer Rodriguez, Art Soldner

#3 Cardiac Girl Cookout (1960); Mary Edgington, Jean Ison, Thelma O'Hern, Ellie Dawson, Virginia, Patty, Leota, Ellen James


Scene in dining hall/Judy Bergren, Eugene Jackson, Ross Evans, Roberta Reid, Homer Rodriguez (CP 1961)

Training Institute cookout/Bill Hutchins, Jo Stanbrough, Janice Moser, Linda Morris (1961)

Miller-Payne-Baghart night/the 3 guests and their plaques (CP 1961)

Training Institute overnght cooking/Sid Bates, Doris Isaacson, Homer Rodriguez, Mary Edgington, Rhonda Ravenscroft (1961)

Kaw Shower from sand filter--putting on roof (July 1961)

Diabetic Staff eating line, Ed Tivol and Ross Evans (1961)

Staff Canoe Trip (July 23, 1961)/Roberta Reid giving 1st aid to Doris Isaacson at Poison Ivy Cave, Current River


Girl swimming (CP 1962)

Mayor Bartle, J. Kius and Jr. City Council (1962)

Mayors and Council/Roe Bartle, Donna Newton (Jr. City 1962)

Diabetic '62/Western Day/Char Blackburn, Jim Herman, Ed Tivol, Jim Hershey, Terry Joslin, Patti Kortkamp

1962 Camp staff reunion/Hawaiian Dinner/Jim Herman, Terry Hoslink, Doris Isaacson, Ed Tivol, Patti Kortkamp, Merle Mosby


Jr. Academy field trip in Buckeye Valley at Camp (April 13, 1963)