Hamilton Photos

Carter Hamilton of Hamilton Studios in Kansas City, was a staff member. These photographs, all circa 1967, are from Dick Dawson's collection. The first four captions/identifications are Dawson's. The photographs are used with Carter Hamilton's permission.

Andrew Melnykovych, Frank Gumbel, Diane Gray, Dick Dawson, Stephanie Davis?, Carla Dyas (1967?)

Stephanie Davis?, Paul Van Dyne, Francis Gumbel, Diane Gray, Andrew Melnykovych, Carla Dyas (1967-68?)

Diane Gray, Dick Dawson, Francis Gumbel, Andrew Melnykovych, Paul Van Dyne, Carla Dyas (1967-68?)

Doris Isaacson


[Camper writing]

Camper "Kitten" Jensen at microscope

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