The Hogan

The "Hogan" was the octagonal staff lounge that sat between the swimming pool and the archery range. Whether or not the staff frequented it at the time, today--in this electronic campground--it's the place to look for staff members.

Richard G. "Dick" Dawson, who for many years directed the Environmental Science Camp at Camp Hope, kept a variety of camp newsletters from we started the compilation of lists of staff members. The list tends to be Camp Hope- and Osage Landing-centric because Dick directed Camp Hope and I spent nine years in Osage. We supplement the list as people with different perspectives check in.

The obvious thing to do is to look at your own years. I found it fun to look at what happened after I left, seeing which of those immature little brats stayed on to become counselors.

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The Hogan is also the temporary gateway way for slides and snapshots.

Camp Map

Camp Lake (through 1963)

Clippinger Candids (1964-68ish)

Camp Hope (1964-1969)

Hamilton Studios Science Camp photos (1967-68)

Camp Hope (1970-1976)

Camp Lake (1977- )

Anne Litman Candids/Lake: 1977-79

Sue Litman Candids (1978)

If you can add to the list, or help us put people in the proper place, drop me an email at "chipATthebucknerhomeDOTcom". Be sure to replace the "AT" and "DOT" with the proper symbols.