Camp Hope (1970-75)

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Hope Dining Hall/Science Campers eating/Jim Myers (1970)

Don Woodward, Kelly Bufton/Eutrophic Lake edge with damsel flies/Indian Creek Sewage Plan, polishing basin (1970)

Lightning struck tree, bark popped off (June 1970)


Stephens Farm/kids on haywagon (1971)

Jim Myers and Barb Banfield at Camp ad at ecology fair

Jim Holden, Chip Buckner (camper)/distilling water to purify (1971)

Air view/Swope Park Camps and Golf Course (Feb. 1971)

Camp Chapel--Debbie Broyles, Jim Myers, Kerry Barsotti, Karenbeth Miles, Rosie Peterson, Karen Reintles (blind)

Resident and Day Camp sign (1971)

Frank Gumbel and campers/Shelle Berbiglia (1971)


Soil testing/science camp/Brett Conkling, CIT (1972)

Science camp/girls and raccoon (1972)

Project period in dining hall

Debbie Broyles advising campers on projects

Science Camper soil testing/Kerry Cozad, Laura Stubbs, Jean O'Lauglin (1972)


Science Camp at SM Park Prairie/Susan Litman, Paul Marnett, Lexa Aulgur (1974)

Science Camp at SM Park Prairie/Susan Litman, Paul Marnett, Lexa Aulgur (1974)

Plant Studies in dining hall/Kristi Cozad, Rosemary Peterson

Camp Carnival/Chip Buckner, Al Ross, Paul Van Dyne, Dan Pearman (Science III 1974)

Dave Van Dyne sleeping (CP 1974)

Patsy Prather and Paul Van Dyne (CP 1974)

Lois Milberger at cookout (CP 1974)


Camp--Taking Weather data/Sara Rittman, Josie Fremerman (1975)

Camp--Hoppers at counter/Al Ross, Chip Buckner, Bob Buckner, Greg Flemington (1975)

Osage Camper in tent/Alan Gumbel (1975)

Washing dishes at camp/Mike Laddin, Susan Schwarting (1975)

Closing program/Mike Moore, Rita O'Laughlin, Emily Geilker (Science I 1975)

Camp kids compiling weather forecast/Josie Fremerman, Kathy Flemington, Jenni Klevett, Holly Woodward, Greg Flemington, Nancy Schwarting (1975)

Camp staff watching pool/Pete Buckner, Carl Turlin, Pete Van Dyne WSI, Sara Rittman (1975)

Camp staff in pool/Al Ross, Chip Buckner, Emily Geilker (July 1975)

Camp pool--Nancy Schwarting, Emily Geilker (1975)

Science and diabetic kids at rodeo/Kevin Dodge, Heather Hutson, Bob and Pete Buckner (1975)

Camp--swimming lesson/Rita O'Laughlin and Kathy Flemington (1975)

Boys cookout/Mike Laddin, Alan Gumbel (1975)

Kids at camp pool/Missy, Jim Banfield (in chair), camper Dan Parelman (right) (1975)

Camp pool and advanced girls/Laura Myers, Carolyn Dawson, Sue Myers, Jim Holden

Campers on winterset at quarry, 87th and US 71/Celia Shepherd, Missy

Camp Hope kitchen--hoppers, Wanda Perkins

Mike Moore and fossil campers (1975)

Hoppers setting table/Camp Hope

Chouteau girls at rodeo/Holly Woodward, Nancy Schwarting


Campers building cookout fire/Kerrie Carlson, Darla Barry, Sheila Hutson (Science I 1976)

Girls cookout/Jenny Stuckey, Leslie Cunningham (Science I 1976)

Girls campout table/Marci Beitchman, Robyn Hofheinz, Donna Behrens (Science I 1976)

Campers looking at Blue River aerial photo/Kelly Jernigan, Rick Hill (July 1976)

Sara Rittman with kids at Line Creek dem. dig (Science III 1976)

Emily Geilker and girls at Chouteau table (July 1976)

Camp Staff picture screw-off (Hope 1976)

Campers and staff in camp shirts (Science II 1976)

Nancy Schwarting and Chip Buckner with Acclimitizers on table (Science II 1976)

Chip Buckner, Emily Geilker and Nancy Schwarting with Acclimitizers on table (Science II 1976)

Carnival (Science II 1976) Abby Mirkin being hit in face with sponge

Kids at Line Creek Park Archeology demonstration dig (Science II 1976)

Kevin Doge and Planet Management Game (July 1976)

Campers at commissary ready for overngiht/Tracy Holliday and Nea Nuessle

Science II '76/Studying bird (something)/Robyn Hutson, Kevin Dodge, ??

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