Science Camp Candids 1964-69

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Seining stream/Science Camp 1964

Science Camp (1964)

Cattail microhabitat on small permanent strea at Municipal Camps--"Mini-marsh" (July 1964)


Frosty explaining woodland ecology/II Science Camp (1965)

Saturday Science Club at Verual Pond/Dick Dawson (1965)

Diann Pierce testing soils (1965)


Science Camp/behavior studies on mice/Paul Lawhood, Kathy Falcone (1966)

Lakeside Nature Center/Dan Dougherty leading community study group across lot (1966)

Yellow bus, sewage lagoon, microscope work/Bruce Clippinger, Tim Roschke, Ted Stalec (July 1966)

Sci camp projects/insects/Brenda

Science Camp/Terry Joslin with hillside community study group (1966)

Lakeside Nature Center/boys and big aquaria (1966)

Lakeside N.C./working with aquatic collected specimens/Dan Dougherty, Lucy Reading, Dell Settle, Kathee Berbiglia (1966)

Science camp--microscope work at Lakeside/Karenbeth Miles, Babs Davis (1966)

Lakeside Nature Center/Kathee Berbiglia and kids with critter tanks (1966)

Dan Dougherty at Lakeside--with aquatic campers (1966)

Staff canoe trip--Current River/"Giggle Belly"/Mimi Francis, Johnna Jorlin, Neil Johnson, Lois Johnson, Ed, Jane Wells, Dick Prather, Jan Moser (1966)

Pulling out of mud/Dell Settle/Community study in swamp below Lakeside (1966)

Science Camp/Terry Joslin and hillside community study (1966)

Current River-Canoe hitting --- ready to go under/Vine-swinging/Vince Feehan, Mike Frost, Neil Johnson

Canoe under water, Current River-leaning tree/Mike Frost, Jane Wells, Pat Frost

Pulltight Spring/Jane Wells carrying Lois Johnson's hair, Ellie D. Johnna Joslin

Observatory Dedicatin (Sept 1965) Councilwoman Billie Hagan

Dawson's caption says 1965, but the photo was developed 11/66. I find it hard to believe he left it around that long. -- Chip


Frank Gumbel and Otha science club kids at Maplewoods (1967)

Science Campers studying water life/Lake of the Woods/John Greschen (1967)

Teaching earthworm with electric shock/Peggy Penne, Laurie Young/Science Camp (1967)

Paul Van Dyne and Jim Hall embedding/Science Camp 1967

Fossil group working in dining hall (Science 1967) Pam Green

Jan Moser at camp switchboard (Summer 1967)

Bulldozer preparing for highway/Old Farm (1967)

Highway destruction, water and mud, all that's left of "mini-marsh" (1967)


Science Camp--pulling saltwater taffy/Kathe (Anne) Berbiglia and Gretchen Ross (1968?)

Rita O'Laughlin (camper) at project plot at Hope (1968)

Science camp exhibit by Charolotte Tomish (1968)

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