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The Office is where we keep track of alumni. Here are the current names, cities and professions of the staff alumni we can trace.

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Barbara Banfield
Santa Cruz, CA
Naturalist, Cupertino Parks and Recreation Department

John W. Banghart

Sid Bates

Sally Blake
Prairie Village, KS
Teacher, Blue Valley (KS) School District

Marian Board (Reineke)
Liberty, MO

Beverly Breuer (Miller)
Retired Campfire Girl

(Robert L.) Bob Buckner
Kansas City, MO
Actuary, Employers Reinsurance Company

(Simon B.) Chip Buckner
Overland Park, Kansas
Corporate Counsel, Bartlett and Company

Peter Buckner
San Francisco, California
Senior Vice President, TCSI

J. Kelly Bufton
Chicago, IL
Attorney, D'Ancona & Pflaum, LLC

Frances Cobb (Holzer)
Kansas City, MO
Nurse, Research Hospital

Kent Cozad
New York, NY
Grants Administrator, American Foundation for AIDS Research

Angela Davis

Angela Davis was Chouteau's landing leader in 1973. She was a dance major at York University in Toronto at the time, but switched to Environmental Studies. The following summer she was a leader in a group the I believe was called Bike America. She rode her bicycle throut the west, but especially loved the time she spent in the Flint Hills of Kansas. She worked summers in the late 70s as a interpretive ranger in Yosemite in the Wawona area. Later she took a job with the National park service at the arch in St. Louis. She worked as land use planner, and then as a program producer for the public television station in St.Louis. One of her programs, on white water rafting on the St. Francis, won national regonition.

Angela died in the summer of 1992 after struggling with breast cancer on and off for a few years. I miss her. She was the one camp staff I was always in touch with.

Remembered by Barbara Banfield

Dick Dawson
Kansas City, MO
Retired teacher, Shawnee Mission South HS

Virgil "Bud" Day

Kevin Dodge
Bel Air, MD
Teach natural history/ecology and direct the Natural Resources/Wildlife Technology program at Garrett (MD) Community College. Wife Carolina (since 1990), daughter Rhiannon (born 1996).

Mary Edgington (Wade)
Columbia, MO

(JoAnn) Josie Fremerman (Farb)
Olathe, KS

Emily Geilker (Cena)
St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
Retired lawyer 

John Gieschen

Ezra Ginzburg
Lawrence, KS
Assistant Attorney General

Tamar Ginzburg
Kansas City, MO

(Kate) An (Berbiglia) Greenbaum (Hunter)
St. Paul, MN

Francis Gumbel, MD
Corpus Christi, TX

Don Hainkel
Parkersburg, WV
I'm now a computer systems analyst for the Bureau of the Public Debt. I help operate the computer system that keeps track of all US Savings bonds. I'm married with two children Brian(16) and Kristen(12).

Jim Hall
Shawnee Mission, KS
Science Teacher, SM Schools

Carter Hamilton
Kansas City, MO

Bill Herron

Marjetta Hershey
Phoenix, AZ
Human Relations director for Banner Health Systems. 

George Hoech, MD
Kansas City, MO

Eva Israel (Silverman)
Anaheim, CA
Retired teacher

Cheryl Jensen (Turlin Robello)
Independence, MO
teacher, Southeast Zoo Academy

Mike Laddin
Overland Park, KS
Executive Director, The General Manager Development Company

Ann Litman (Geier)
Lenexa, Kansas

Jennifer Litman (Goldman)
Livingston, NJ
An Architect, Industrial Designer, & Modelbuilder turned Pastry Chef in the last year. Recently married and living in New Jersey, where my husband is a professor of mathematics and I am a patissiere.

Sue Litman (Lichatowich)
Scappoose, OR

Paul Marnett

Andrew Melnykovich
Louisville, KY
public relations

Alice Miller

Greg Monger
Fort Huachuca, AZ
Contracting consultant, Avenue Technology, Inc. (human intelligence strategic debriefing)

Merle Mosby
Kansas City, MO
retired police sergeant

Jim Myers
Corvallis, OR
botany professor

Sue Myers
San Diego, CA

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